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Founded in 1987, D’Angelo & Sons is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping you with all your eavestrough repair needs. We have been part of the community in Hamilton for many years and we serve with a lot of pride and dedication to our work. When you come to us, expect high-quality workmanship as well as a variety of exterior home services with our key focus in eavestrough repairs and installation.

  1. Top Rated Eavestrough Installers in Hamilton

    We are ranked among the top 3% of eavestrough installation experts in Hamilton and throughout North America. We’ve maintained this reputation due to our quality service and 25-year workmanship warranty.

  2. Experience in eavestrough repairs

    We bring more than 4 decades of experience in eavestrough installations and repairs. You can be assured of our credibility and reliability.

  1. 25-year workmanship warranty

    There are only a few places where you can get a 25-year workmanship warranty on all eavestrough repairs. Many of our competitors offer 10-year workmanship warranties. We choose to serve our customers diligently and provide quality workmanship always. Our team brings a high level of experience, training, and tools to get the job done right.

  2. We are licensed installers

    At D’Angelo and Sons, be assured that the eavestrough repair experts coming to your Hamilton property are certified to operate in this region. We possess this certification to assure our customers of a great service that is up to code. With our licensed technicians, be assured that your manufacturer’s warranty will not be void.

  3. We’re available 24/7

    When you reach out to us, be guaranteed that you’ll get the assistance you need no matter the time of day. We know that emergencies occur at the home’s exterior when you least expect it and that’s why we aim to deliver no matter the time or season. You’ll find someone at our office to respond to any inquiries you may have regarding our operations, administration, or bills around the clock.

  1. We are an accredited member of BBB

    D’Angelo and Sons has a BBB rating of A. Due to the numerous favourable reviews we’ve received from clients, we have been able to maintain a high BBB rating. You can trust our credible and reliable eavestrough repair company in Hamilton.

  2. We offer liability insurance

    Worried about our contractors getting injured on your property? We give our clients peace of mind by providing all our technicians with adequate liability insurance that protects them in case of injuries on the job. We take the necessary steps to ensure that safety hazards are kept at bay in all work environments. Our team possesses the relevant skills and training to offer safe and effective services.

Eavestrough Repair Technicians Committed to Serving Their Community

  1. We give back to our community

    We have participated in several campaigns over the years to give back to the community in Hamilton. We have provided active sponsorships through the Cancer Assistance Program, among others. We’ve also hosted FREE Giveaway campaigns to engage our lucky customers over the years.

  2. Easy payment plans

    When you come to us, we can work out an easy payment plan that is suitable for your needs. We will offer our eavestrough repair services without any additional interest if you choose to pay in installments.

  3. In-house bin service

    We know that eavestrough repairs are likely to generate lots of debris which can accumulate in your property over time and become unsightly. We prevent this from happening by offering our in-house bin service. We provide big bins on tires which help clean up the space and avoid stains.

  1. We offer maintenance & inspections

    We offer a comprehensive maintenance program for all our customers. The program covers different exterior home products like roofs even those we did not install.

  2. Find a variety of services under one roof

    Whether you’re looking for eavestrough repairs and installation or windows, doors, siding, and attic insulation, we’re happy to help. We can cater to all your home exterior needs. Our full-service company is happy to deliver wherever you are in Hamilton.

  3. We reward our customers

    Customers can take advantage of our reward program which was put in place to show gratitude to our clients for keeping us in business for more than 40 years.

Our Advantages

  • 40+ Years of Experience Translating To Quality Installations
  • No Sub-Contractors - In House Staff
  • We Are Covered By WSIB Insurance
  • We Give Free, No-Obligation Inspections

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    Gutter Guard Installation

    Gutter Guard InstallationWhen you don’t have a preventive measure in place, you will be forced to spend a lot of money keeping your gutters clean. Gutter guard installation is the perfect preventative solution to consider. Whether your house is surrounded by trees or not, a leaf guard will come in handy. It will keep all the debris away, especially when you choose the finest systems. We use curved hoods or the gutter guard, and that eliminates the need for nails during installation. We also take extra caution to ensure that no section of the roof is damaged during our gutter guard installation.

    Since 1978, our company has been delivering the best roofing services to Hamilton residents. We don’t take any chances with your roof because we know that it is a big investment. We also know how improper installation can be ineffective, and we avoid it. We will gladly share our best skills with you and clean the eavestrough before the installation to prevent clogging. With us, you will have the manufacturer’s warranty and the service warranty for more value. We stand by the materials we select and the nature of our services. That is why we always issue warranties to our clients.

    Eavestrough Cleaning

    Eavestrough CleaningEavestrough cleaning in Hamilton prevents rusting of the eavestrough, pooling or overflowing water, and the formation of ice pits. Always make sure your gutters are clean, especially before winter or during fall and spring. When it’s cold, you don’t want leaves and debris that will prevent ice from falling off the gutter. During fall and spring, the amount of debris that falls on the roof increases, and that prevents the optimal flow of water when it rains. D’Angelo and Sons is here, so you don’t have to worry about the tedious cleaning tasks.

    Our professionals will make sure you enjoy the efficiency of clean gutters. We can prevent insects from infesting your gutter, birds from building nests on the debris in the gutter, and moulds from damaging the fascia boards. We will seal small holes we find on the roof and ensure no bottlenecks are left on the surface. Don’t wait until the water starts to overflow from the eavestrough. Let us keep your eavestrough spotless all through the year with our exceptional gutter cleaning services. Our friendly team will help you discover ways of maintaining your gutters, such as the installation of gutter guards, to help you avoid costly repairs.

    Eavestrough Repair

    Eavestrough RepairWe always advise that you put measures in place to prevent the need for repairs, but if you need them, we will be at your service. Our eavestrough repair services aren’t just constrained to the gutters. We also check the surrounding fixtures, such as the fascia and soffits, to ensure they are optimal. These systems always work together. If one is damaged, the entire gutter system will be affected. That is why we insist on inspecting the area first before repairing the damage you noticed.

    We strive to give hassle-free repair solutions at affordable costs and have specialized in all gutter repair options. Whether it’s downspout that is damaged or soffits, we will repair it swiftly, leaving your gutter looking and functioning like a brand new one. By the time we are done, the whole system will be properly aligned and working collaboratively like intended.

    We will give you our honest opinion regarding the condition of your gutters. We may recommend that you replace the eavestrough instead of repairing it if replacement will have a better long-term outcome. Whatever the case, rest assured that we will take good care of your roof and exterior surfaces.

    Eavestrough Installation

    Eavestrough InstallationIf you want to increase the value of your home in Hamilton, installing a gutter system is one of the best options to try. Eavestrough may seem insignificant or small, but they play a very big role in keeping your investment safe. These systems will not just increase the integrity of your roof, but also that of your foundation and the whole property. With D’Angelo and Sons, you’ll get superior gutters that are customized on your property right before installation.

    We have a straightforward and efficient eavestrough installation process that ensures we do the job right the first time. We will inspect your roof and measure the edges where you want us to put the eavestrough. We will then cut the gutter according to those measurements and hang them using secure fasteners. We work with a seamless system that reduces the maintenance costs for our clients. The Alu-Rex gutters are made of superior quality and are very durable. They won’t corrode or leak after we install them, reducing the need for repairs significantly.

    We specialize in gutter installation and other roofing services. Hiring us means working with a company that prioritizes the needs of the clients more than anything. We guarantee that you won’t experience any problems with the gutters we install.

    Siding installation

    Siding InstallationEver wondered why your home’s siding is important? Simply put, siding helps to protect your home along with the foundation from rain, snow, wind, and other strong weather elements. In those cold winter months, a properly installed siding can protect the home and the contents within it from damage. At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer both siding installation and repair services.

    We can help you identify siding that’s suitable for your home depending on the climate and size of the property. Since there are many siding solutions, our technicians can help you narrow down your options and choose one that guarantees energy efficiency as well as comfort in your home regardless of the weather.

    We know that the right choice of siding can instantly boost the property’s curb appeal. That’s why we install new siding depending on the home design. Our goal is to enhance the property’s resale value by getting siding installed that matches your needs. We have an experienced team of licensed roofers who will get the job done right the first time. Reach out to us on phone or email us for a free, no-obligation assessment and quote.

    Downpipe repair

    Downpipe RepairWith the help of a downpipe, all the water that runs through the gutters flows away from your home. When the downpipe is damaged, your home is left exposed to water damage. Our contractors can help ensure that the downpipe is in good working order and that water from the gutters flows freely away from the roof, wall, and exterior structures.

    At D’Angelo and Sons, we will begin by assessing your downpipe and making sure it’s not clogged by leaves and debris from a nearby tree. We’ll also lookout for signs of corrosion, dents, and bubbling on the downpipe. All these are signs of an underlying problem that needs the best course of action.

    Having been in the eavestrough business for more than 4 decades, we guarantee exceptional downpipe repair services. We understand what it takes to maintain properly functional downpipes throughout the years. Reach out to us to install, repair, and inspect your downpipe.

    Fascia Repair

    Fascia RepairWhen fascia gets damaged over time, it needs to be replaced or repaired. We have seen fascia that’s been damaged due to constant exposure to heavy rainfall, sun, and strong winds. Wood fascia can also be damaged by water that overflows from the eavestroughs or insects. If you have aluminium or vinyl fascia, you may notice dents or cracks that form over time due to harsh weather conditions. Fascia repairs require extensive skill and experience to be done right. At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer quality repairs or a complete replacement when necessary.

    You need to have the fascia repaired immediately when you notice signs of trouble. Our technicians are just a call away. You can email or phone us for a free assessment.

    Soffits Installation & Repair

    Soffits Installation & RepairSoffits are prone to different forms of damage. From cracking and curling to missing parts, whenever the soffit is damaged, it requires immediate repairs. At D’Angelo and Sons, we can offer the necessary repairs to keep your soffits in good working order. Whether you’ve noticed water damage issues or animals creeping into your attic through the soffit, we’re here to help.

    We’ve offered soffit repair services for many years including installing shingle mold on new fascia and applying a waxy sealant to prepare the new soffit and protect it from water damage. We can re-attach loosely hanging soffit and apply caulking on the necessary areas to offer adequate protection against water intrusion.

    In case the soffit requires a complete replacement, we are happy to help. We have replaced soffits that are rotten and rusty with new alternatives that offer a longer service life. Whatever your needs are, our team is ready to take on the challenge.


    LeafguardA leafguard or gutter guard is one of the most important fixtures that protect your eavestroughs and downspouts by ensuring they’re performing as they should. With the help of a gutter guard, you will not need to invest time and money in frequent gutter cleanings. The leaf guard acts as a barrier that prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from finding their way inside your eavestroughs and downspouts.

    At D’Angelo and Sons, we can help you review the available gutter guards and select one that’s most suitable for your home. We ensure that the leafguard is properly installed because mistakes like puncturing holes on the roof can void your manufacturer’s warranty and cause serious water damage issues. When you hire our contractors for leaf guard installation, be assured that the job will be done right the first time.

    Did You Know?
    Having the proper attic insulation saves you up to 28% on heating and cooling costs.

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    Eavestrough repair Hamilton

    Your Cambridge home needs a well-maintained eavestrough to keep structural problems at bay. At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer the necessary repair and replacement services to keep your eavestroughs, downspouts, and other roofing fixtures in good working order. We know how important these elements are in your home and we will do all it takes to maintain them properly. We offer quality workmanship and a free no-obligation quote.

    What we have to offer:
    1. We choose the best quality aluminium and copper eavestroughs and downspouts to ensure they give you a long service life.
    2. All our aluminium eavestroughs are formed on-site to ensure they perfectly fit the client’s property. This also allows us to reduce the risk of leakages which occur due to poorly fitted eavestroughs.
    3. We recommend installing a gutter guard that prevents the accumulation of leaves and other debris in your eavestroughs and downpipes.
    4. Our quality aluminium soffit and fascia will help maintain proper under-eave ventilation and reduce the risk of water run-off.

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    Exterior Lights

    Proper exterior lighting can help keep intruders off your property. Criminals are unlikely to enter your compound when the entryway is lit. Exterior lighting is not just for security; proper lighting in your entryway can help enhance safety in your property and prevent accidents especially at night. Many homeowners have come to us for exterior lighting to add curb appeal to their environment and make the landscape stand out more. Whatever your goals, we’re happy to select exterior lights that suit your property.

    When you come to D’Angelo and Sons, know that all your exterior lighting needs will be in good hands. We can provide exterior lighting installation for pools, driveways, patios, and decks, pathways as well as landscaping. If you have an outdoor cooking area, we’ll recommend the best exterior lighting for that space. We consider lighting fixtures that not only add charm and appeal to your space but also deliver in terms of energy efficiency.


    If your siding is damaged, it affects your entire home exterior. At D’Angelo and Sons, we’ve been called upon to repair siding that’s damaged by harsh climate especially the cold winters and hot summers. We offer siding repairs and replacements from time to time.

    With regular siding maintenance, you can boost your home’s curb appeal. Siding also helps to keep structural problems at bay by making sure rainwater is sent away from your home. Good siding also contributes to the property’s insulation and energy efficiency.

    When you choose D’Angelo and Sons, expect quality siding repairs. We offer innovative siding solutions customized for your budget and needs.


    It’s time to pay more close attention to your windows. The right windows can help improve security and curb appeal in your home. Window repairs and replacement can also boost the home’s energy efficiency. Whether you need your windows to offer more lighting or simply better insulation, we’ve got you covered.

    The team at D’Angelo and Sons will come and perform a free assessment then advise on whether you need a window replacement or repairs.

    Google Reviews

    D'Angelo and Sons Roofing Ltd. | Roofing Repair, Eavestrough Repair

    D'Angelo and Sons

    1475 Sandhill Drive #1, Ancaster

    4.51,007 review

    • AvatarBill Baxter★★★★★7 months ago
      I needed several windows replaced, a new side door, all siding/soffits/eaves/flashing replaced on the house, and the gables re-sided on my garage. D'Angelo's pricing was competitive - add to which, windows and doors are manufactured locally and working with a single service provider to coordinate all the activity rather than try to do that myself was really convenient. Megan was my project manager - always responsive and took great care of me. Devin led the window and door installation, Kyle led all the siding/soffit/flashing replacement and Rich led the eaves replacement. They were all - as were the guys on their crews - a pleasure to have around the house. Excellent quality work, they took the time to answer my questions and to help me understand how to maintain things after they were done. It was a fairly big investment (at least by my standards), but I feel I got excellent value for what I paid. They'll be my first call when it's time for roofing.
    • AvatarSteven Reise★★★★★11 months ago
      We had a massive project on our 3 storey 130year old Victorian Home. Roof replacement, siding, windows, soffits, fascia, eavestrough and other cladding and capping as required.
      The crews arrived on time, they worked safe at heights and steep roof pitches, they were kind & courteous, and cleaned up after each job was complete.
      As a home inspector , I found the workmanship to be top notch and would recommend them to any of my clients if they required work to their home.
      Thank you so much for all the hard working trades and staff there.
    • AvatarColleen Baker★★★★★8 months ago
      I really appreciated the level of professionalism and superior service that Megan delivered. You made sure we were well informed on every detail. Thank you Megan Cole - happy to refer you and D'Angelo and Sons anytime!
    • AvatarJosie Middleton★★★★★3 months ago
      D'Angelo and Sons came and replaced a broken downspout on my home that had cracked from ice build up in the winter and added another downspout to take off some pressure from ice buildup and allow better flow. THe service I received was amazing and I had to call them back to add an extension and acknowledged it should have been done the first time they visited so added the small extension free of charge.
      All the people I dealt with were professional--well mannered and very kind.
      The three people I dealt with were Chris , Geoff and Mike and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. I am a very happy customer.
      On another note to file D'Angelo did my roof on my home 11 years ago and I was happy then also. Top notch service
    • AvatarChris Delaney★★★★★2 months ago
      After 15 years, our home was in dire need of a new roof so we hired D'Angelo. Rachele was our project manager. From start to finish we couldn't believe how smooth it went, how professional it was handled, and how terrific, tidy and efficient the team was. Not only did Rachele do an outstanding job overseeing the job, her enthusiasm and strong work ethic blew us away as we watched her work tirelessly with the team on the roof to get the job done. I highly recommend D'Angelo and Rachele as this truly was a winning team.
    • AvatarGarth O★★★★★6 months ago
      Wernher & Crew recently replaces our gutters. Quick, efficient and took the extra time to make sure there was no metal scraps left which was very much appreciated by us and the safety of our dog! Wanted us to be sure we were satisfied with the job both now and the future. Thanks again guys!
    • AvatarJoyce★★★★★3 months ago
      Can’t say enough good things about this company. They’re very professional and efficient. The workmanship is excellent and we were left very satisfied with the work they completed. There were no surprises and the workers were very detailed-oriented. I would strongly recommend this company. Big thank you to Carlos our project manager who was on site for each day of the work. Throughout the entire process he was accurate and patiently answered all our questions.
    • AvatarDylan Osterroth★★★★★7 months ago
      Jessica was very helpful over the phone. She was able to answer all my questions and provided me with a roof inspection price/date all in one phone call. Very fast and knowledgeable service!
      I will be using them again.
    • AvatarMicheline Higgins★★★★★9 months ago
      Thank you to Jessica and to David for great service and frank discussions. Much appreciated. Our roof is now fixed and no longer leaks. I can sleep so much better now at night.
    • AvatarPatrick Jarvis★★★★★4 months ago
      Taylor was the best service rep that we could have asked for. She was very responsive and helped us navigate any issues that arose promptly. The team that installed our roof was in and out in a day and very professional about it. They did a great job and were thorough with their cleanup which was great because we have small children.
    • AvatarMario D★★★★★9 months ago
      Great experience! The level of service provided from the fist call I made through the process right to completion of work was excellent. David was knowledgeable and professional to work with and explained the problem, solution and process. The on site installer and office staff were also a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the exceptional service.
    • Avatarstuart simpson★★★★★5 months ago
      Had a good experience with Steve F who installed leaf guards on our gutters. He works efficiently and professionally, paying attention to detail. For example he noticed 2 missing screws on our fascia and replaced them. Would recommend D'Angelo and Sons and thanks again Steve for your service.
    • AvatarSalome Santos★★★★7 months ago
      I am a very happy customer of D'Angelo and Sons! When all other roofing companies are closed for the season, D'Angelo and Sons are there to help you with any emergency repairs that you might need! Hayley answered my call immediately and was very helpful in answering my questions and getting a repair technician to come out to help repair my siding. I am now satisfied that my siding won't fly away in the next wind storm! It really is comforting know you can rely on D'Angelo and Sons to come out anytime during the year to repair any damage you might have and know they will do a good job for you. Thank you Hayley and your team at D'Angelo and Sons!
    • AvatarDavid H★★★★★8 months ago
      I have used their services for a roof heat line, Attic insulation and just had new gutters installed, this over the past 6 months. They have always been responsive and their associates doing the work have always been efficient and thoughtful to us, the homeowners. Special thanks to TAYLOR T. and MEGAN C. for coordinating the processes, always keeping me updated as well as providing information on any questions when needed.
      Well run company and will definitely keep them in mind for any future projects.
    • AvatarMarc André Salm★★★★★7 months ago
      Steve Farina stopped by our house to complete the flashing and siding work after getting our roof changed. Very amicable, professional and quick work. Highly recommend these guys. I would highly recommend the team that worked on our home. Solid company firmly positioned in the community. Thanks for the quality work.
    • AvatarArmando Alcaraz★★★★★7 months ago
      Only good things to say, our project manager David provided a comprehensive explanation on the work to be done and suggested the best and available options to fix our attic insulation and ventilation. The job was completed before expected (rare when you hire this professional services), the team that did the job were professional and courteous, they cleaned everything before leaving (again this is rare) and Asia diligently followed up after the service was done to make sure our experience was satisfactory. Will deal with this company again, no doubts.
    • AvatarZainab Salihi★★★★★7 months ago
      Excellent job, very nice team and experience.
      They are not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. the quality of work is worth it.
      Dealing with Sandro and Phil will make me recommend them to friends and family.
      Great Job D'Angelo
    • AvatarPaul Yacynuk★★★★★8 months ago
      My first contact was with Jen who quickly arranged an inspection with a rep from Ancaster. His name I can’t remember but he was very professional in offering his opinion and quote for the job.
      Appointment set up for following week. Service guy was great. On time and professional work. Chris followed up with me to see if I was satisfied. Job well done and would recommend to everyone. Paul.
    • AvatarJane White★★★★★11 months ago
      From the first interaction with D'Angelo we knew this was the right company for us. Very responsive and professional in all our interactions. We felt cared for and valued throughout the entire process. Carlos was very responsive and caring when it came to getting the job done right and to our satisfaction. It truly was a comfort knowing we had someone that really cared about the outcome and quality of the work as opposed to just getting the job done. Would not hesitate using D'Angelo in the future and hope to work on some up coming projects in the spring with them. Thank you D'Angelo for making our project all we wanted and more! Two thumbs up!
    • AvatarDeborah Walsh★★★★★a year ago
      Hats off to a highly professional team. David made arrangements to come earlier than our booked inspection as they knew we had a leak. Not being able to get up on the roof we were in his capable hands. He went to great lengths to ensure that I understood the results of the inspection and offered us more than one option. On top of that David came back to do a "quick fix" until they can work out full job into the schedule ... Talk about going above and beyond! There's definitely a reason this team has been in business 40+ years 😁😁😁
    • AvatarLight Lamp★★★★★9 months ago
      I worked with Taylor initially when my roof got damaged! She was very understanding and responsive. The project planner Jennifer was there on the first day and available via phone during the few day's it took to fix the roof, to let us know what issues had occurred with our previous roof and how to resolve them. She was very helpful with suggestions on how to fix the ventilation concerns so we wouldn't have roof problems again. The roofers were very diligent and hard working and appeared skilled to a layperson. There was a bit of miscommunication regarding the 3 month deferral and how to pay, however it did get resolved. Overall I am happy with the service I received.
    • AvatarPeter Shepherd★★★★★9 months ago
      The installation was professionally completed exactly as scheduled. The help provided by the D’Angelo office contact person Jessica was most informative and overall helpful in the scheduling and invoicing.
      I would not hesitate in recommending D’Angelo and Sons for any related house renovations.
    • AvatarDavid Rowe★★★★★10 months ago
      D'Angelo & Sons replaced the entire eavestrough and downspout system on our house and did a beautiful job. They showed up early, completed everything neatly and professionally; left no trace of them even being here. Their salesperson, Kris, was great to deal with; they did absolutely everything that he said they would. I was very happy with the all that they did; I recommend them and will use them again.
    • AvatarMark Simpson★★★★★10 months ago
      Just wanted to share what an excellent experience I had with David today. He was professional, knowledgeable up front and honest. He explained easily what the problem was and gave all the answers I needed.
    • AvatarMike Thomas★★★★★a year ago
      Recently requested quote on gutter replacement. Was provided a competitive quote in a timely manner. Decided to move forward with D'Angelo as they seemed the most competent and by far the most professional. Shortly after order placement they were on site to begin work. Carlo's was initially on site to ensure team had what they needed and Nigel and his crew worked flawlessly. Very impressed with with all aspects of working with D'Angelo.
    • AvatarJerry Murphy★★★★★a year ago
      Both Jamie-Lynn and Jake were a pleasure to deal with. The project was managed professionally, executed at a high standard, and the finished result was superb. All of my questions were addressed in a timely manner, and any small tweaks/adjustments were handled easily and without any additional effort on my end. I would highly recommend using these folks for your next roofing related need. They were top notch.
    • AvatarDonna Pattinson★★★★★9 months ago
      A long piece of our fascia board was pulled from our roof in a strong December wind. I called D'Angelo and Sons to learn that a repair would be covered by my warranty even though it has been many years since we had it installed. We were very pleased and a little surprised to see a service truck arrive the next day! Steve F. surveyed the job and explained what he needed to do to help us. Despite the chilly temperature and wind, Steve formed the siding in his truck and climbed up to our roof to make the repair cheerfully and quickly. We are very pleased with the work, and we were reminded of the outstanding service and professionalism of D'Angelo and their staff. Thank you, Steve!
    • AvatarMrNOID77★★★★★a year ago
      Great experience with D'Angelo Roofing. Chris returned all my calls promptly, and helped me deal with a very complicated roof issue. Jeff was very knowledgeable, and answered all my questions with patience and intelligence. Thank you so much! Look forward to using you in the future.
    • AvatarDan Martel★★★★★a year ago
      Very impressed with the work performed by this company. They had my 17x8 foot wooden deck installed in front of my house up and going within two days. Very efficient!! This team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend D’Angelo and Sons to anyone who needs any of the services they provide.
    • AvatarJenn Graham★★★★★a year ago
      D'Angelo & Sons did a fantastic job with our home renovations. Due to a sudden wind storm, we needed our soffit/fascia/eavestroughs replaced. We also had our brick painted and had a structural post installed for our front porch. Their team was super efficient, courteous, on time, always cleaned up before they left for the day. Worked through the hottest, humid days of the summer without a single complaint. We are super happy with the outcome of our home. Thank you D'Angelo team for all the great work you did in making our home just what we envisioned.
    • Avatarjeffrey danchuk★★★★★a year ago
      My roof started leaking significantly after a heavy rainfall, bad enough that I would have incurred damage in my living room. Making matters worse was that this was at a rental property far away from where I live. Not only did D'Angelo respond to my 'emergency' call quickly but they acted quickly to cover up the problem area as more rain was coming. They were very easy to deal with over the phone and their pricing was fair. I was able to determine everything I needed solely over the phone and they started the work quickly while providing daily updates along with pictures. For a major and unexpected repair, the entire process was quite smooth and the new roof and eavestroughs look really great.
    • Avatarcolleen Hannah★★★★★a year ago
      They did a great job on our roof, have had 0 problems since. The attention to detail including clean up for my dogs safety was perfect. They did such a great job we just had them do our eaves troughs too, they worked with us for new down spout placement that would be easier for me to cut the grass around etc. Recommended them to our friend next door who just has all of his stuff done buy them and he loves it too. Thank you very much you guys are great!!!!
    • AvatarRob L★★★★★a year ago
      We just had the roof of our house re-shingled as well as our pool and garden sheds. Carlos Senior and crew foreman Derek along with his team were outstanding. Their quality to detail, workmanship and professionalism was fantastic. The final product looks amazing. We would highly recommend D’Angelo and Sons Roofing. Simply a wonderful experience. Outstanding team!
    • AvatarAlex Bevacqua★★★★a year ago
      This is our second time using D'Angelo & Son's. Several years back, they did a fabulous job on our roof, so we decided to call on them again for our gutters, which by now were leaking pretty badly. Both Jeremie and Jennifer provided us with great customer service, and Dalton and Patrick did a great job on install. Great experience overall, and continue to recommend them to friends and family.
    • AvatarLydia Baker★★★★★a year ago
      D’Angelo roofing company were awesome! The crew members for both jobs, roof and new eavesdrop, were extremely professional, courteous, very pleasant and extremely hard workers who did an amazing job! We would HIGHLY recommend this company!!!! We are extremely happy with an awesome job well done!
    • AvatarMadelyne Maingot★★★★★a year ago
      My fiance and I are new first-time home owners. I called for an estimate/assessment of what might be the cause of some mold in the corner of an upstairs room (corner of the house), and they were very friendly on the phone and explained a few options of what might be going on. David stopped by yesterday and checked it out - he was very honest in letting us know our roof was not the problem, nor were our eaves troughs leaking. This was very reassuring and showed honesty and integrity. He did provide a quote for new eaves troughs to us, as they are in fact old, and while they are not necessarily failing, it would be smart to upgrade soon. We will think of D'Angelo and Sons for any of our roofing and eaves trough needs going forward.
    • AvatarEunice Peralta★★★★★a year ago
      We had D’Angelo and Sons install a custom built front door and our neighbours can’t stop talking about it. Alper made great recommendations, answered our questions, followed up with us throughout the process. I heard they were good at roofing but I had no idea they could do doors as well. We’ll be having D’Angelo and Sons installing our new windows next year too, highly recommend this company
    • AvatarK Miller★★★★★a year ago
      We had Phil out to give us a quote on our eaves due to eavestrough issues. Phil used a drone to identify our problem. He gave us a quote for eaves, drip edge and leaf guards. Shortly after the quote an appointment was set up for the job. When the installers came out to my place on they were on time and very polite. After the job was complete we had a couple of small concerns. Matt DiNola came out in a timely manner and addressed my concerns and had them fixed very quickly. Matt was very professional, helpful and very polite. I would highly recommend D'Angelo to look after your roofing and eaves. Great job!
    • AvatarHerb H★★★★★a year ago
      I am very pleased with the experience of having our roof replaced by D'Angelo and Sons. Dave was knowledgeable and helpful in determining our needs and options. His willingness to temporarily repair a portion of our roof where we had lost shingles in a high wind was especially appreciated.
      Jennifers communication was timely and thorough.She sent us pictures as requested also. Brandon's crew was hard working, seemed dedicated to doing good work, and communicated well with me. Cleanup was excellent. The bin removal and chimney flashing were done when Jennifer said they would be done.
      My next door neighbour asked me about my satisfaction with the roofing job. I told him that I was pleased and gave him Dangelo telephone number since he felt that his home's roof would need to be replaced soon as well.
      Thank you, best regards
    • AvatarRob Lenjosek★★★★★a year ago
      We just had the roof of our house re-shingled as well as our pool and garden sheds. Carlos Senior and crew foreman Derek along with his team were outstanding. Their quality to detail, workmanship and professionalism was fantastic. The final product looks amazing. We would highly recommend D’Angelo and Sons Roofing. Simply a wonderful experience. Outstanding team!
    • AvatarAlex Hamilton★★★★★a year ago
      Janice Hamilton commenting - A huge thanks goes out to Tom for his courteous, prompt and professional service. My elderly aunt needed help ASAP and we were given the help and information we needed with no pressure. Carlos and his team came out quickly and finished the job within the time line promised. Both Tom and Carlos were friendly and easy to work with. We needed help and you came through - would definitely use again for future projects.
    • AvatarTracey Angelini★★★★★a year ago
      Jeremie D. came to my house within an hour of my phone call to inspect siding that had come loose and a roof concern. This issue was creating water problems with my house. He was professional, courteous, and very respectful of Covid rules. He diagnosed the issue quickly. Jeremie fixed the siding and left us very happy and relieved customers. I would definitely recommend D'Angelo and use their services again. Ask for Jeremie!
    • AvatarMatthew St★★★★★a year ago
      Jenn, The new roof is looking great. The replacement went quickly and smoothly once the materials made it out of the warehouse. At some point some old material made it onto my neighbour's driveway, but it was cleaned up and luckily the neighbours were understanding that roofing goes this way.
      Thanks for the new roof. It looks good and is holding up so far.
      Happy holidays,
    • AvatarS Smith★★★★★a year ago
      Just wanted to thank Jenn and everyone at D'Angelo and Sons for the great new roof and eaves.
      From start to finish, Jenns service was prompt, thorough and very professional. Her texts, showing the work in progress while I was at work, made me confident that I made the right choice when I chose D'Angelo.
      Master roofer Jay and his crew did an excellent job, and left the yard and driveway cleaner than they found it at the end of each day. Even my neighbours complimented their work.
      David Vandenberg"s recommended 6" eaves with ice and leaf guards will last for years and complete a great look that I'm very pleased with.
      Thanks again, to you all.
      Shaun Smith
    • AvatarJ Melanson★★★★★a year ago
      I would like to thank Jennifer for the work that was done on my roof. I appreciated your ability to answer all of my questions and your quick responses. Cody and his crew were an awesome group of individuals. Loved to watch them work so well together and the attention to detail when tidying up after the job was completed. Thanks again!!
    • AvatarM Vasconcelos★★★★★2 years ago
      From the moment we got our free estimate from Andrew F. we were excited about doing our new roof shingles, flashing and eavestrough. Andrew made great recommendations for services as well as colours that would match our home best. Jenn was a pleasure to work with, she always kept us updated with dates, progress and any changes that needed to happen with pictures so we could see what was going on with our old roof. Derek's crew was quick, clean and efficient they did a beautiful job on our new roof. Steve did an excellent, beautiful and clean job on our flashing it gives a great finish to our home and new roof. We appreciate how meticulous of a job all of the Crews did and we're excited to see how our new eavestrough will look and are looking forward to meeting the next awesome crew of the D'Angelo team. We appreciate how accommodating, professional and hassle-free you make roofing. Thanks everyone at D'Angelo and Sons Roofing!!!
      Maria and Allison Vasconcelos
    • AvatarA Crasto★★★★★2 years ago
      Overall our experience with D’Angelo & Sons Roofing was positive. Both our project coordinator Jenn and team lead Cody were very friendly and responsive to any questions we had. A few unexpected items arose on the project but the team was really good about adjusting their scope and delivering on time. The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail was high. We really appreciated the thorough clean up job the crew did on a daily basis. We have small children and no nails or dangerous materials were left on the ground around our home. Thank you!
      Launa & Alan Crasto
    • AvatarK Akileswaran★★★★★a year ago
      Our sales rep Jeremie was very courteous and showed us options to do our roofing and eavestrough. We were impressed with his knowledge of the products and guidance to choose the products.
      Your project manager Jennifer Horner was always helpful, positive and keen to resolve all our concerns. She was very proactive to identify shingles with manufacturing defect and replacing them with a quick turn around. She was always warm, polite and highly focused on what she needed to achieve
      Your crew leader Cody was soft spoken, energetic, ethical and cooperative. He was always willing to listen and keep us informed.
      With these highly professional team you have, We would highly recommend your services to others.
    • AvatarJeanine Du Four★★★★★2 years ago
      I was very pleased with the work D'Angelo and Sons roofing did for us. From the time Tom spent inspecting the roof and eavestroughs and his detailed explanations of what would be done, to Carlos' overseeing of the completion of the roof was fantastic. Both men did a great job. The crew was fantastic and the clean up was impeccable. When the men working on the eavestroughs came, they were quick, efficient, and meticulous. I couldn't have asked for more kind, hard working, conscientious people. Thank you!
    • AvatarJordan Moreau★★★★★2 years ago
      David came to review a leak coming in to our garage where the garage meets the house. His inspection was thorough and was able to diagnose where the water was entering. I was impressed when he used our hose to find where water was entering. Our issue ended up not being the roof, but incorrectly installed flashing around a window above the garage, and some poorly installed drip channel. d'Angelo was able to send someone the same week and we have not experienced the leak since the repair was completed.
    • AvatarKrissy Pirbus★★★★★3 years ago
      We had to have our entire roof and attic repaired and D’Angelo and Sons were amazing from the inspection to the repairs and the cleanup! Couldn’t have asked for a better team than our project manager Jennifer and Don and his crew. Thank you so much for keeping us informed every step of the way. They did a great job on the roof and a sparkling cleanup. We have already recommended them to our neighbours. Thanks again for a great job!
    • AvatarJackie Wald★★★★★2 years ago
      Very professional, efficient installation. New eavestroughs look fantastic. Quality product. We’re very satisfied. Thanks to the crew!
    • AvatarAnthony Loverro★★★★★2 years ago
      Carlos and his crew of Austin,Thomas and colin did a awesome job. The roof looks beautiful and a excellent job of cleaning up and very polite bunch of guys. Awesome experience and quality job...ty ty.
    • AvatarAaron and Katie Wignall★★★★★2 years ago
      We recently had D’Angelo and Sons do our roof and eavestroughs and we are very pleased with the work and with the company as a whole. During this uncertain time of social distancing and businesses operating under heavy restrictions, we were worried about being able to have our roof looked at and repaired in a timely manner (we lost shingles during a wind storm a few weeks ago and had plywood exposed on our roof). D’Angelo and Sons came out right away, they made an assessment of our needs, provided a quote and left us feeling reassured. They kept in contact with us over the phone and were out working on our home in a matter of days. All of the staff were highly professional and polite. When the work was finished, they left our yard and driveway looking clean and followed up via telephone to make sure we were happy with the work completed. They made sure all of our needs were met and we would most definitely recommend them to anyone. We have had neighbours comment on the high quality job done and we are so impressed with the finished look. Thank you D’Angelo and Sons for your hard work and reassurances, especially during such a difficult time for everyone.
    • AvatarGord Stephan★★★★★3 years ago
      Very happy with the job done. We had roof, insulation, eavestrough and lights installed and everything went very smoothly. The only change from the estimate was for new plywood sheathing required for some that had rotted. The project manager Jennifer and matt were excellent and kept us apprised all along the way. Overall very happy.
    • AvatarKathy Young Keefe★★★★★3 years ago
      Great job on installing my new eaves. Always communicative and the team let me know about any issues that needed to be addresses such as the drip edge missing from the roof install. Highly recommend.
    • Avatarcolleen mcphee★★★★★3 years ago
      Jen Faria has been absolutely incredible during our home improvement and beautification process. She has been hardworking, caring, professional and full of sound advice. She truly has the best interest of her clients at heart. My husband and I would like to thank her for her patience and honesty while we explored numerous roofing, siding and fascia options. Great work Jen! Your really are a representative that your clients can trust.
    • AvatarDonna Suta★★★★3 years ago
      I recently went through the process of speaking with the representatives of several roofing companies and getting estimates. I was able to narrow down my choices to two. One was D’Angelo & Sons Roofing
      The representative, Jennifer Faria was great. She represented her company well: from her personal appearance to her sales technique. Her personality is more than pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her.
      I only gave 4 stars because I didn’t use D’Angelo & Sons Roofing to do the job. The company estimates came out consistently several thousands of dollars above that of another company I know that did my roof 22+ years previously. The transferable Warranty provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing is wonderful. If I was staying in my home I may have chosen them.
      However I am retired and selling my home to downsize. I am trying to save as much money as possible without compromising on quality.
      As I typed before, Jennifer is great. She sold the roof well, and I’m sorry I had to say no.
      Thank you,
      Donna Suta
    • AvatarJeremy Bannock★★★★★3 years ago
      Jenn Faria helped me out with a quote for my roof and was excellent with providing us with all the answers to our questions as we went through the information. Would highly recommend speaking with her for your next roof project!
    • AvatarHeather Buttrum★★★★★3 years ago
      I have been so impressed with the service at D'Angelo. David in the Hamilton location has truly gone above and beyond to make sure I understand the project, recommend honestly what I do and don't need, and even came out personally to temporarily repair some weak areas in my roof before a big storm (before they started the job!) so I wouldn't have any leaks in the meantime.

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