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D’Angelo & Sons has been in business since 1978, which gives us over 40 years’ experience. Over those years, we have maintained great principles like quality craftsmanship and have become one of the most reputable companies in Cambridge. We try to be inclusive in our service delivery, which is why we do more than siding service.

  1. Top siding installers in Cambridge

    Our company has been placed among the top 3% installers in North America. The ranking is a result of our clients who have continued to give us good reviews and testimonials. We also do our part to ensure our position doesn’t go down by exceeding expectations every time we do a job. We maintain high quality, and we give one of the longest warranties in Cambridge.

  2. 40 years in business

    The four decades we have been in business have equipped us with more knowledge and experience that we use to guarantee customer satisfaction. Thriving in the industry for that long also shows that you can count on our dedication and the value we offer.

  1. 25-year warranty

    It’s hard to get an installation company that is willing to give you more than a 10-year warranty in Cambridge. However, with D’Angelo & Sons, you will get up to 25 years. We believe in our abilities, and we only hire well-trained and experienced personnel.

  2. Certified installers

    Our certifications are from Lowes Canada, Master Elite, T-REX Elite, and other big major manufacturing companies in North America. These certifications don’t just show the level of trust various manufacturers have in us, but they also guarantee that your warranties don’t go void. Contact us anytime for your installation needs.

  3. Availability

    D’Angelo & Sons operate every day all through the year. Our 24/7 services are perfect for emergencies as well as regularly scheduled situations. We also have an open communication policy that ensures all our clients get their specifications met. You can communicate with our administrators, accountants, or operations department any time you need help.

  1. BBB membership

    Our accreditations from the Better Business Bureau also shows the level of our reliability and commitment to serving the Cambridge area. The A rating we have, the testimonials from our clients and the positive reviews show that you can count on us to provide excellent services.

  2. Liability insurance

    Siding and other roofing services can be dangerous, especially when you don’t take proper care. We have all the safety equipment and have ensured that all our employees are well-trained. Our goal is to prevent accidents, but if they happen, you won’t be liable. Our liability insurance will handle all medical costs and damages. Siding and other roofing services can be dangerous, especially when you don’t take proper care. We have all the safety equipment and have ensured that all our employees are well-trained. Our goal is to prevent accidents, but if they happen, you won’t be liable. Our liability insurance will handle all medical costs and damages.

  1. Community involvement

    We believe in giving back to the community, which is why we try our best to be involved in important events. We sponsor various bodies and organizations that include Let’s Shake for Parkinson. Working with us, therefore, means giving back to the community as well.

  2. No interest policy

    At D’Angelo &Sons, we try to be as inclusive as possible. We know that every person has different financial capabilities, and we believe that it should not deter you from accessing the best services. We will give you a 0% interest on all your payments together with a payment plan that works for you.

  3. Bin services

    We don’t outsource any services including waste disposal services. We also don’t want you to go through the hassle of looking for a waste disposal company. We will take care of all the debris and leave your property spotless. Our bins have tires that prevent corrosion stains.

  1. Inspection and maintenance

    If you need a roof inspection, we are the best service providers to reach out to. We work on all roofs, including the ones we didn’t install. We can do 20-point roof assessments, 12-point eavestrough inspections, and attic inspections. We give a report on every inspection we do.

  2. Multiple exterior services

    We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all housing exterior services. We have expertise in roofs, doors, windows, lighting, fascia, and eavestrough, among many others. Call us when you need any services on the exterior of your home, and we will give you more information.

  3. • Rewards

    We believe that we wouldn’t be in business without our loyal customers and that you deserve to be recognized for keeping us in the business. Our reward program is a way of expressing our gratitude to you.

Our Advantages

  • We have been in the industry for more than 40 years
  • We have the longest warranty in the industry
  • We work with in-house employees and not subcontractors
  • We have insurance from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and State Farm Insurance
  • We provide free inspections that don’t have any obligation as well

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    Siding installation
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    Siding installation

    One of the best ways of reducing maintenance costs in your home is by installing siding. When installed correctly, siding can provide the insulation you need to reduce the amount of energy you use in heating and cooling. However, if you don’t use the right siding or have them installed the right way, you will experience moisture and draft problems that will be expensive.

    Our experts will help you select the ideal siding for Cambridge weather. We prioritize your comfort as well as the value the siding will add instead of the visual appeal only. We will make sure you get all the benefits of siding, including the addition to resale value and energy-efficiency. Our workmanship will also ensure your siding stands out from others in the neighbourhood.

    Downpipe repair

    When you have a pitched roof, you need gutters that will drain water from the roof and drain it far from the exterior surfaces of your house. Downpipes are fixtures that are attached to the gutters to ensure the water from the eavestrough is drained properly. If the water is left stagnant, it could damage the eavestrough, fascia and soffit, the walls, and the house structure.

    Sometimes downpipes fail to function as they should, and that is where we come in. We will inspect the fixtures to determine the cause of the problem before proceeding with the best solution. The common causes of downpipes failing include rusting, leaking, clogging, and dents. We will check for all these, as well as bubbling and unusual water run-offs. Our repair procedures will keep your downpipes in perfect shape for as long as possible.

    Apart from repairs, you can also contact us if you need installation and maintenance of downpipes.

    Eavestrough Repairs & Cleaning

    Your eaves should always be protected and maintained to ensure they remain in perfect working condition. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to direct water away from your walls and the foundation of your home. Our eavestrough repair services include thorough cleaning and assessment to ensure there are no bottlenecks. We also look for cracks and holes that we fill using sealants. We make sure the eavestrough isn’t separated from the fascia, and all the metal pieces are well connected. To prevent future clogging, we will install screens that keep away debris.

    Our systematic approach to eavestrough repair and the duration we have been in business show that with us, you will get value for your money.

    Fascia Repair

    The fascia is usually placed under the eavestrough to provide support. Over time, the constant exposure to sun, wind, and rain will make it wear off or become damaged. The pressure and water leaks from the eavestrough, together with insect infestation, could also lead to problems with the fascia. All these can cause issues that demand immediate rectification measures.

    D’Angelo & Sons has all the experience and expertise to conduct repairs without causing further damage to the fascia. Even if you have a vinyl or an aluminum fascia, our team will make sure it resumes efficient functionality as quickly as possible. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may replace the fascia instead of repairing it. The repair or replacement will depend on what will give you better cost benefits.

    Contact us immediately if you notice problems with your fascia. We will send a team over to assess the damage and give you a free quote. Our inspection and quotes don’t come with any obligations.

    Soffits Installation & Repair

    A soffit is also installed under the eaves and should be kept in the best condition. You should have our professional repair team when you notice parts missing from your soffit or if it has curls. Other signs of damage are hollowness and cracks. If your soffit isn’t repaired in time, the cracks could get bigger and allow animals to get into your attic.

    We will remove the old shingle moulds and replace them with new ones. We will also remove all the damaged wood and put in new rafters. Our roofing technicians will add a protective sealant on the soffit and caulk all the areas that are likely to let water in.

    Be advised that if the soffit is corroded or rotten, we will install a new one. We work with the best soffit manufacturers to ensure you get quality materials as our team handles the installation aspect.


    As the name suggests, LeafGuards protect the gutters from dried leaves and other debris that could cause a blockage. This feature is essential in keeping your gutters functional throughout the year and preventing you from having to spend a lot of time cleaning the gutters. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and time-consuming, but you can avoid all that by installing LeafGuards.

    These fixtures have curved tops that are attached to the roof to secure them in place. We won’t use nails or any other material that could compromise the integrity of your roof by poking holes in it. Be sure we will not interfere with your manufacturer’s warranty, and heavy rain will not affect the soffit.


    Eavestroughs are part of crucial home fixtures that add curb appeal and value to the property. If you don’t maintain your eavestrough properly, you will experience problems such as staining on the walls and peeling off paint due to water damage. Damages on the soffit and fascia, water leaks in the basement, and ice dams forming on the roof are also common.

    We offer eavestrough repair services such as unclogging blocked eaves, repairing broken pieces, installation of leaf guards and rerouting the downpipes. We also repair sagging eaves and fasten the joints. Whatever the problem is, call us, and we will fix it immediately.

    Did You Know?
    Having the proper attic insulation saves you up to 28% on heating and cooling costs.

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    Siding Service Cambridge

    Siding will protect the interior of your home from the sun and cold, but that also means they are bound to start wearing off at some point. Maintaining and repairing them is unavoidable, especially in the Cambridge weather.

    We offer quality repairs and use quality siding from reputable manufacturers that will give you the best warranties. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, we will help you get siding that will give your home the style you want.

    We are also available to install new siding if you want to change the appearance of your home. Whether you intend to sell the property or want to improve its energy efficiency, we will give you the best new siding.

    What we have to offer:
    1. We make our siding service to ensure we meet all specifications. This makes installation easier and saves your time.
    2. We work with quality gutter guards, downspouts, and eavestroughs that are also available in different copper and aluminum sizes.
    3. We implement preventive measures by installing gutter guards.
    4. The fascia and soffit we work with aren’t just to support the eaves but also to enhance ventilation. We also install them in a way that reduces the need for regular maintenance and prevents water run-offs.

    We recommend that you call us immediately if you notice that your siding needs repairs. We will give your home the insulation it needs to keep hot or cold air from reaching inside. We know about the siding problems you are likely to experience in Cambridge and will do everything in our capacity to prevent them from happening. We get the job done right the first time, and we offer some of the most competitive prices in the market.

    Some of the siding materials we are familiar with include:

    • Vinyl siding that looks like wood and is perfect for the Cambridge weather. It is resistant to impact, making it great for areas that are likely to experience high traffic.
    • Wood siding that looks great but is susceptible to rotting and mould if not installed properly. Natural wood also has a classic appeal but should be used with a sealant to make it both fire and water-resistant.
    • Aluminum siding, which comes in various textures and shapes. Choose a size that befits your house and enjoy the low maintenance it offers.
    • Sagiwall, which comes in two major types, making it easier for you to choose the one you prefer. They also have two standard lengths as well as different finishes, including wood and metallic tones. These sidings work perfectly with any architectural design.
    • Hardie plank that is made with concrete materials with a mixture of cellulose fibres. They have the same appearance as wood and are eco-friendly and fire-resistant.


    Other siding materials you can choose from include cedar shakes, metal composite, and longboard sidings. We will give you more information when you express your interest in getting new siding.

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    Exterior Lights

    If you have a pleasant outdoor area that you can use to entertain guests and family, then you can do it with exterior lights. The lights can increase the visual appeal of your garden, your deck, walkways, pavements, or anywhere you choose to have them. However, if not selected and installed carefully, exterior lights can double your monthly electric bills. You need a company like ours to help you choose energy-efficient lighting fixtures that will still give you the visual and security results you want.

    D’Angelo & Sons will make your outside space an extension of the inside by using exterior lights. We can ensure you get all the benefits of such lights by installing them at strategic places. Contact us, and we’ll be there.


    Windows do more than bringing in light. They also contribute to the security of the home and the insulation. You need windows that will help you spend less on heating and cooling while making it harder for burglars to get inside. We are available for free inspections and professional advice regarding the best window choices and services.

    D’Angelo &Sons will take away all your worries about exterior services. We can make your property look great and become highly functional. All you have to do is call us.

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    D'Angelo and Sons Roofing Ltd. | Roofing Repair, Eavestrough Repair

    D'Angelo and Sons

    1475 Sandhill Drive #1, Ancaster

    4.4892 reviews

    • AvatarJerry Murphy★★★★★a week ago
      Both Jamie-Lynn and Jake were a pleasure to deal with. The project was managed professionally, executed at a high standard, and the finished result was superb. All of my questions were addressed in a timely manner, and any small tweaks/adjustments were handled easily and without any additional effort on my end. I would highly recommend using these folks for your next roofing related need. They were top notch.
    • AvatarDan Martel★★★★★a month ago
      Very impressed with the work performed by this company. They had my 17x8 foot wooden deck installed in front of my house up and going within two days. Very efficient!! This team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend D’Angelo and Sons to anyone who needs any of the services they provide.
    • AvatarJenn Graham★★★★★a month ago
      D'Angelo & Sons did a fantastic job with our home renovations. Due to a sudden wind storm, we needed our soffit/fascia/eavestroughs replaced. We also had our brick painted and had a structural post installed for our front porch. Their team was super efficient, courteous, on time, always cleaned up before they left for the day. Worked through the hottest, humid days of the summer without a single complaint. We are super happy with the outcome of our home. Thank you D'Angelo team for all the great work you did in making our home just what we envisioned.
    • Avatarjeffrey danchuk★★★★★2 months ago
      My roof started leaking significantly after a heavy rainfall, bad enough that I would have incurred damage in my living room. Making matters worse was that this was at a rental property far away from where I live. Not only did D'Angelo respond to my 'emergency' call quickly but they acted quickly to cover up the problem area as more rain was coming. They were very easy to deal with over the phone and their pricing was fair. I was able to determine everything I needed solely over the phone and they started the work quickly while providing daily updates along with pictures. For a major and unexpected repair, the entire process was quite smooth and the new roof and eavestroughs look really great.
    • Avatarcolleen Hannah★★★★★4 months ago
      They did a great job on our roof, have had 0 problems since. The attention to detail including clean up for my dogs safety was perfect. They did such a great job we just had them do our eaves troughs too, they worked with us for new down spout placement that would be easier for me to cut the grass around etc. Recommended them to our friend next door who just has all of his stuff done buy them and he loves it too. Thank you very much you guys are great!!!!
    • AvatarRob L★★★★★6 months ago
      We just had the roof of our house re-shingled as well as our pool and garden sheds. Carlos Senior and crew foreman Derek along with his team were outstanding. Their quality to detail, workmanship and professionalism was fantastic. The final product looks amazing. We would highly recommend D’Angelo and Sons Roofing. Simply a wonderful experience. Outstanding team!
    • AvatarAlex Bevacqua★★★★4 months ago
      This is our second time using D'Angelo & Son's. Several years back, they did a fabulous job on our roof, so we decided to call on them again for our gutters, which by now were leaking pretty badly. Both Jeremie and Jennifer provided us with great customer service, and Dalton and Patrick did a great job on install. Great experience overall, and continue to recommend them to friends and family.
    • AvatarLydia Baker★★★★★3 months ago
      D’Angelo roofing company were awesome! The crew members for both jobs, roof and new eavesdrop, were extremely professional, courteous, very pleasant and extremely hard workers who did an amazing job! We would HIGHLY recommend this company!!!! We are extremely happy with an awesome job well done!
    • AvatarMadelyne Maingot★★★★★7 months ago
      My fiance and I are new first-time home owners. I called for an estimate/assessment of what might be the cause of some mold in the corner of an upstairs room (corner of the house), and they were very friendly on the phone and explained a few options of what might be going on. David stopped by yesterday and checked it out - he was very honest in letting us know our roof was not the problem, nor were our eaves troughs leaking. This was very reassuring and showed honesty and integrity. He did provide a quote for new eaves troughs to us, as they are in fact old, and while they are not necessarily failing, it would be smart to upgrade soon. We will think of D'Angelo and Sons for any of our roofing and eaves trough needs going forward.
    • AvatarEunice Peralta★★★★★6 months ago
      We had D’Angelo and Sons install a custom built front door and our neighbours can’t stop talking about it. Alper made great recommendations, answered our questions, followed up with us throughout the process. I heard they were good at roofing but I had no idea they could do doors as well. We’ll be having D’Angelo and Sons installing our new windows next year too, highly recommend this company
    • AvatarK Miller★★★★★5 months ago
      We had Phil out to give us a quote on our eaves due to eavestrough issues. Phil used a drone to identify our problem. He gave us a quote for eaves, drip edge and leaf guards. Shortly after the quote an appointment was set up for the job. When the installers came out to my place on they were on time and very polite. After the job was complete we had a couple of small concerns. Matt DiNola came out in a timely manner and addressed my concerns and had them fixed very quickly. Matt was very professional, helpful and very polite. I would highly recommend D'Angelo to look after your roofing and eaves. Great job!
    • AvatarHerb H★★★★★6 months ago
      I am very pleased with the experience of having our roof replaced by D'Angelo and Sons. Dave was knowledgeable and helpful in determining our needs and options. His willingness to temporarily repair a portion of our roof where we had lost shingles in a high wind was especially appreciated.
      Jennifers communication was timely and thorough.She sent us pictures as requested also. Brandon's crew was hard working, seemed dedicated to doing good work, and communicated well with me. Cleanup was excellent. The bin removal and chimney flashing were done when Jennifer said they would be done.
      My next door neighbour asked me about my satisfaction with the roofing job. I told him that I was pleased and gave him Dangelo telephone number since he felt that his home's roof would need to be replaced soon as well.
      Thank you, best regards
    • AvatarRob Lenjosek★★★★★6 months ago
      We just had the roof of our house re-shingled as well as our pool and garden sheds. Carlos Senior and crew foreman Derek along with his team were outstanding. Their quality to detail, workmanship and professionalism was fantastic. The final product looks amazing. We would highly recommend D’Angelo and Sons Roofing. Simply a wonderful experience. Outstanding team!
    • AvatarAlex Hamilton★★★★★8 months ago
      Janice Hamilton commenting - A huge thanks goes out to Tom for his courteous, prompt and professional service. My elderly aunt needed help ASAP and we were given the help and information we needed with no pressure. Carlos and his team came out quickly and finished the job within the time line promised. Both Tom and Carlos were friendly and easy to work with. We needed help and you came through - would definitely use again for future projects.
    • AvatarTracey Angelini★★★★★8 months ago
      Jeremie D. came to my house within an hour of my phone call to inspect siding that had come loose and a roof concern. This issue was creating water problems with my house. He was professional, courteous, and very respectful of Covid rules. He diagnosed the issue quickly. Jeremie fixed the siding and left us very happy and relieved customers. I would definitely recommend D'Angelo and use their services again. Ask for Jeremie!
    • AvatarMatthew St★★★★★9 months ago
      Jenn, The new roof is looking great. The replacement went quickly and smoothly once the materials made it out of the warehouse. At some point some old material made it onto my neighbour's driveway, but it was cleaned up and luckily the neighbours were understanding that roofing goes this way.
      Thanks for the new roof. It looks good and is holding up so far.
      Happy holidays,
    • AvatarS Smith★★★★★8 months ago
      Just wanted to thank Jenn and everyone at D'Angelo and Sons for the great new roof and eaves.
      From start to finish, Jenns service was prompt, thorough and very professional. Her texts, showing the work in progress while I was at work, made me confident that I made the right choice when I chose D'Angelo.
      Master roofer Jay and his crew did an excellent job, and left the yard and driveway cleaner than they found it at the end of each day. Even my neighbours complimented their work.
      David Vandenberg"s recommended 6" eaves with ice and leaf guards will last for years and complete a great look that I'm very pleased with.
      Thanks again, to you all.
      Shaun Smith
    • AvatarJ Melanson★★★★★10 months ago
      I would like to thank Jennifer for the work that was done on my roof. I appreciated your ability to answer all of my questions and your quick responses. Cody and his crew were an awesome group of individuals. Loved to watch them work so well together and the attention to detail when tidying up after the job was completed. Thanks again!!
    • AvatarM Vasconcelos★★★★★a year ago
      From the moment we got our free estimate from Andrew F. we were excited about doing our new roof shingles, flashing and eavestrough. Andrew made great recommendations for services as well as colours that would match our home best. Jenn was a pleasure to work with, she always kept us updated with dates, progress and any changes that needed to happen with pictures so we could see what was going on with our old roof. Derek's crew was quick, clean and efficient they did a beautiful job on our new roof. Steve did an excellent, beautiful and clean job on our flashing it gives a great finish to our home and new roof. We appreciate how meticulous of a job all of the Crews did and we're excited to see how our new eavestrough will look and are looking forward to meeting the next awesome crew of the D'Angelo team. We appreciate how accommodating, professional and hassle-free you make roofing. Thanks everyone at D'Angelo and Sons Roofing!!!
      Maria and Allison Vasconcelos
    • AvatarA Crasto★★★★★a year ago
      Overall our experience with D’Angelo & Sons Roofing was positive. Both our project coordinator Jenn and team lead Cody were very friendly and responsive to any questions we had. A few unexpected items arose on the project but the team was really good about adjusting their scope and delivering on time. The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail was high. We really appreciated the thorough clean up job the crew did on a daily basis. We have small children and no nails or dangerous materials were left on the ground around our home. Thank you!
      Launa & Alan Crasto
    • AvatarK Akileswaran★★★★★9 months ago
      Our sales rep Jeremie was very courteous and showed us options to do our roofing and eavestrough. We were impressed with his knowledge of the products and guidance to choose the products.
      Your project manager Jennifer Horner was always helpful, positive and keen to resolve all our concerns. She was very proactive to identify shingles with manufacturing defect and replacing them with a quick turn around. She was always warm, polite and highly focused on what she needed to achieve
      Your crew leader Cody was soft spoken, energetic, ethical and cooperative. He was always willing to listen and keep us informed.
      With these highly professional team you have, We would highly recommend your services to others.
    • AvatarJeanine Du Four★★★★★a year ago
      I was very pleased with the work D'Angelo and Sons roofing did for us. From the time Tom spent inspecting the roof and eavestroughs and his detailed explanations of what would be done, to Carlos' overseeing of the completion of the roof was fantastic. Both men did a great job. The crew was fantastic and the clean up was impeccable. When the men working on the eavestroughs came, they were quick, efficient, and meticulous. I couldn't have asked for more kind, hard working, conscientious people. Thank you!
    • AvatarJordan Moreau★★★★★a year ago
      David came to review a leak coming in to our garage where the garage meets the house. His inspection was thorough and was able to diagnose where the water was entering. I was impressed when he used our hose to find where water was entering. Our issue ended up not being the roof, but incorrectly installed flashing around a window above the garage, and some poorly installed drip channel. d'Angelo was able to send someone the same week and we have not experienced the leak since the repair was completed.
    • AvatarKrissy Pirbus★★★★★a year ago
      We had to have our entire roof and attic repaired and D’Angelo and Sons were amazing from the inspection to the repairs and the cleanup! Couldn’t have asked for a better team than our project manager Jennifer and Don and his crew. Thank you so much for keeping us informed every step of the way. They did a great job on the roof and a sparkling cleanup. We have already recommended them to our neighbours. Thanks again for a great job!
    • AvatarJackie Wald★★★★★a year ago
      Very professional, efficient installation. New eavestroughs look fantastic. Quality product. We’re very satisfied. Thanks to the crew!
    • AvatarAnthony Loverro★★★★★a year ago
      Carlos and his crew of Austin,Thomas and colin did a awesome job. The roof looks beautiful and a excellent job of cleaning up and very polite bunch of guys. Awesome experience and quality job...ty ty.
    • AvatarAaron and Katie Wignall★★★★★a year ago
      We recently had D’Angelo and Sons do our roof and eavestroughs and we are very pleased with the work and with the company as a whole. During this uncertain time of social distancing and businesses operating under heavy restrictions, we were worried about being able to have our roof looked at and repaired in a timely manner (we lost shingles during a wind storm a few weeks ago and had plywood exposed on our roof). D’Angelo and Sons came out right away, they made an assessment of our needs, provided a quote and left us feeling reassured. They kept in contact with us over the phone and were out working on our home in a matter of days. All of the staff were highly professional and polite. When the work was finished, they left our yard and driveway looking clean and followed up via telephone to make sure we were happy with the work completed. They made sure all of our needs were met and we would most definitely recommend them to anyone. We have had neighbours comment on the high quality job done and we are so impressed with the finished look. Thank you D’Angelo and Sons for your hard work and reassurances, especially during such a difficult time for everyone.
    • AvatarGord Stephan★★★★★a year ago
      Very happy with the job done. We had roof, insulation, eavestrough and lights installed and everything went very smoothly. The only change from the estimate was for new plywood sheathing required for some that had rotted. The project manager Jennifer and matt were excellent and kept us apprised all along the way. Overall very happy.
    • AvatarKathy Young Keefe★★★★★a year ago
      Great job on installing my new eaves. Always communicative and the team let me know about any issues that needed to be addresses such as the drip edge missing from the roof install. Highly recommend.
    • Avatarcolleen mcphee★★★★★2 years ago
      Jen Faria has been absolutely incredible during our home improvement and beautification process. She has been hardworking, caring, professional and full of sound advice. She truly has the best interest of her clients at heart. My husband and I would like to thank her for her patience and honesty while we explored numerous roofing, siding and fascia options. Great work Jen! Your really are a representative that your clients can trust.
    • AvatarDonna Suta★★★★2 years ago
      I recently went through the process of speaking with the representatives of several roofing companies and getting estimates. I was able to narrow down my choices to two. One was D’Angelo & Sons Roofing
      The representative, Jennifer Faria was great. She represented her company well: from her personal appearance to her sales technique. Her personality is more than pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her.
      I only gave 4 stars because I didn’t use D’Angelo & Sons Roofing to do the job. The company estimates came out consistently several thousands of dollars above that of another company I know that did my roof 22+ years previously. The transferable Warranty provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing is wonderful. If I was staying in my home I may have chosen them.
      However I am retired and selling my home to downsize. I am trying to save as much money as possible without compromising on quality.
      As I typed before, Jennifer is great. She sold the roof well, and I’m sorry I had to say no.
      Thank you,
      Donna Suta
    • AvatarJeremy Bannock★★★★★2 years ago
      Jenn Faria helped me out with a quote for my roof and was excellent with providing us with all the answers to our questions as we went through the information. Would highly recommend speaking with her for your next roof project!
    • AvatarHeather Buttrum★★★★★a year ago
      I have been so impressed with the service at D'Angelo. David in the Hamilton location has truly gone above and beyond to make sure I understand the project, recommend honestly what I do and don't need, and even came out personally to temporarily repair some weak areas in my roof before a big storm (before they started the job!) so I wouldn't have any leaks in the meantime.

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