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What You Need To Repair Before Selling a House

Moving to a new home is one of the most expensive ventures you will undertake. Therefore, spending money on the property, you are vacating from may not be your priority. You may have learned to live with the existing damages, and consequently, you may expect the new buyers to do the same.

However, house repair, including eavestrough cleaning and possibly siding repair, before moving out is crucial and can determine whether you get new buyers or not. Even if you find buyers, they may not be willing to pay a significant amount of money because of the repair issues, resulting in losses. Therefore, the best way to avoid problems with potential buyers is to fix houses before selling. Remember, they will inspect the property and demand that you address the problems before further discussions.


Statistics have shown that Canadian home sales increased by 0.9% in August and September, as illustrated in the charts below. That is according to The Canadian Real Estate Association. In addition, the month of September showed an increase in domestic property sales, proving that the market is stabilizing. Nevertheless, the number of listings is still scarce, and because the demand is high, the situation is very challenging. Nevertheless, the changes are still enough to prove that the volatility caused by the pandemic is over. However, it is still critical to watch the market prices, especially given the price acceleration that became apparent in September. It is also important to note that some parts of Canada experienced costs reductions while others experienced an increase.

residental market balanceresidental sales activity

Local markets seem to be moving back to their territories, as shown by comparing sales to new listings ratio and long-term average statistics. Given the market conditions, working with a realtor and keeping the house in perfect condition can increase the chances of making a good profit off of it.

Properties going back into the market because of appraisal or repair issues happen many times. That is why in some locations, sellers must notify the buyers of existing problems. Otherwise, they must fix any damages before listing the house. Even hidden problems that show up during an inspection must be fixed, especially if you do not intend to accept a lower offer on the property.

Asking for less money may not work either because most people want properties they can move into immediately. That reduces the target market significantly because very few want to put more money, energy, and time into fixing a house before moving in. The majority are not willing to take a chance on a property that requires some modifications.

Knowing what repair to do before selling a house is also essential. Some of the areas you may want to focus on include eavestrough repair and installation, fixing electrical fixtures, improving the drainage system, and repairing or replacing the roof if it has reached its lifespan.

Since every house has different problems, working with a qualified inspector is the best way to determine the issues on your property. They can assess each area, especially those areas likely to exhibit problems and give recommendations on how to solve them. We provide more information below to help you list your house successfully.

Start With Kitchen and Bathroom

Most people pay more attention to the kitchen and bathroom condition when shopping for a house because most problems arise in those two areas. Increase the chances of the sale going through by paying attention to the following kitchen and bathroom sections:

Kitchen Appliances – One of the best and easiest ways of upgrading the kitchen is having the right amenities. A functional refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave will keep the kitchen more efficient. Also, replace the coolant or repair any leaks and other problems that may be present.

Kitchen Cabinets – All the kitchen cabinets should be aesthetically pleasing and in good working condition. Search for signs of rotting wood or water damage. Check the hinges, knobs, handles, and drawers. Replace or repair broken cabinets. You may not need a professional if the damage is minimal. You can get the supplies from the local hardware store and complete the task yourself.

Peeling paint or chipping wood are other signs of damage to look out for in cabinets. Those can be fixed by sanding and applying a fresh coat of paint. Cabinets that have extensive issues must be replaced with help from a contractor.

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets – Leaking faucets and clogged drains are other things to fix before selling your house. They can reduce the home value, meaning fixing them before the sale is crucial. Check the overflow drain too, and ensure it works properly to prevent the bathtub from overflowing. The hot and cold faucets should work as indicated.

Kitchen Bath and Shower – The bath and shower fixtures should be working smoothly. The surfaces should not be bubbling, cracking, or peeling, and the showerhead should be functioning optimally. The heating fixtures and the bathtub should be functional too. Replace the damaged shower tiles and drains. Changing the bath and shower features in an older house can give the space a polished look. Choose inexpensive elements because most buyers are unwilling to pay more for cosmetic updates.

Home Interior Issues That Need To Be Addressed

HVAC – Homebuyers always want heating and cooling systems that work. Since new appliances are too costly, repairing the available ones is the best solution. Make sure they’re in perfect working condition. Remember, a dysfunctional or inefficient unit does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a new one. Your goal should be to improve it while spending as little money as possible. Look for a reputable technician to repair it for you. You will still pay for the units’ labour and new components, but it will not be as expensive as buying a new one.

Most homes, especially in Canada, also need extra ventilation systems. That is in addition to the ventilation that heating and cooling units provide. The kitchen and bathroom must have efficient fans because of the high temperatures present most of the time. The soffit and attic will also need a ventilation unit to prevent overheating. Most ventilation issues tend to arise during the home inspection. If that is the case, you can add another HVAC unit to the house section with the problem or check the current one for blockages. Consider repairs and cleaning first before investing in a brand new unit.

Walls and ceilings – All dents on the drywall should be repaired no matter how small they are. Other issues such as discoloration or mould growth should also be addressed. Repaint the walls if possible. It is the most straightforward and affordable way of giving any room a fresh look. Replace wallpapers with paint because many potential buyers are more likely to appreciate neutral paint colours better than wallpaper.

Flooring – Whether it is laminate, hardwood, or tiled flooring, it must be in perfect shape. Get rid of cracked or chipped tiles and discard any worn-out or torn carpets. Get steaming services if you have pets. Hardwood floors with issues can be refinished or polished.

Water heater – The main issues to pay attention to are leaks and insulation. Every pipe must have adequate insulation, and all leaks must be stopped.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Check the lifespans of the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If they’re more than ten years, replacement is better. If not, test to confirm that they are working efficiently and conduct repairs where necessary.

Electrical panel and circuit breakers – Electrical-related problems are dangerous and can result in a fire. However, most are not difficult to fix. Major rewiring is not usually necessary unless there is a major renovation going on. Common issues include missing wire nuts, faulty outlets, dysfunctional light switches, frayed wiring, and open junction boxes.

Call an electrician to check all the electrical outlets to ensure they are up to the current codes. Older systems that have fuse boxes should be updated and any other problem resolved.

Home Exterior Problems Worth Paying Attention To

Roof Repair – Functional storm gutters protect the house from external water damage. When damaged, they cause water to overflow along the edges and spill on the walls. The excess moisture can also destroy the shingles on the edge of the roof, soffit, and fascia. Fascia repair or replacement may be mandatory. Other problems that can emerge are different sections of the roof loosening during a storm, shingles curling when the sun shines and the flashing around the vents getting damaged. The longer these issues remain unattended, the higher the chances of the entire roof needing replacement. Arrange for siding repair and installation by qualified roofers as soon as possible.

Dealing with roof problems the moment you notice them is better because most of them can be solved individually. If the roof leaks when it rains, consider rain barrel installation and change the broken shingles. Repainting the discoloured walls and soffits repair are other remedies to try.

Eavestrough Repair and Installation – Eavestroughs are supposed to redirect water away from the house when it rains or snows. Clogging hinders them from performing as they should, allowing water to damage the foundation, landscape, and other areas. That is why it is vital to learn how to clean the eavestrough and downspout.

Some indications that the eavestrough is not working well include stains in basement walls, soggy soil around the foundation, and signs of soil erosion. Finding the root cause of these issues and fixing it is crucial. Other measures like gutter cleaning or clearing stuck debris in the eavestrough and downspouts can prevent clogs and enhance proper drainage. Installation of gutter covers is another option that can reduce the need for cleaning.

Eavestrough repair in Toronto does not cost a lot of money if the problem is tackled immediately. Sometimes it is as simple as adding a downspout extension. However, if you wait for the issue to progress, it will be more expensive to fix.

Foundation Problems – Water accumulating close to the house can cause many problems and interfere with the structural integrity of the retaining wall, stem wall, and foundation. Poor drainage can also cause other minor and major issues. Some common signs to look out for include slanting, sagging, horizontal cracks on floors, vertical or horizontal cracks on inside walls, doors and windows not closing completely, and widening spaces above cabinets. Some of these signs indicate severe damage to the foundation and should be attended to quickly. Repairs could cost thousands of dollars, but it is the only way of getting a reasonable deal on the house.

Ignoring foundation problems can jeopardize the safety of the entire house. If you are unsure about the signs, get a contractor to assess them and recommend the best solution. Sometimes the minor issues are caused by the house settling with time. They still need professional evaluation to determine whether they can reduce the home value or affect the property sale.

Contact us if you need a reliable and experienced contractor to inspect the foundation. Do not wait until the damages become severe.

Do Not Forget About Yard

Decks – The deck should not only look good, but it should also be safe and functional. Guardrails should be code-compliant, and the support columns should be working correctly. It should not have water damage such as rotting or signs of insect infestation. Resealing and replacing missing or damaged boards can fix most of the problems.

Landscaping – Most people do not care about dead branches in the front yard, but branches touching the house are usually a concern because they are signs of trouble waiting to manifest. Trim all trees close to the roof to prevent the branches from compromising the safety of the house. The same applies to shrubbery around the house.

Fencing – Ensure the wooden fences are not rotten, stained, or discoloured. The gates should be operating smoothly – not creaking or getting stuck. There should be no corrosion, and peeling or bubbling paint should be replaced. Tending to the fence is a DIY project that should not cost you a lot of money.

What to Do If You Need Help With House Repair

Most of these problems are easily identifiable, but some may not be too visible to an untrained eye. Hiring a professional inspector is the only way to be sure about their extent and remedies.

D’Angelo & Sons have dependable and skilled experts that will also deliver the best eavestrough repair if necessary. Our team has offered fascia repair and rain barrel installation services in different parts of Toronto. We will ensure your house is in perfect condition before the sale process, even if the roof and gutter issues are substantial. Whether you need a leaf guard to protect your gutters or need to trim some tree branches, we are the best company to call. Our skills with soffits repair and other roofing services are unmatched. We also provide unbeatable siding repair and installation services on different types of house designs. Contact us today, and we will set up an appointment or consultation.