Why You Should Switch to Heavy Gauge Aluminum Gutters

Feb 25, 2022
Why You Should Switch to Heavy Gauge Aluminum Gutters

Gutters are a fundamental part of any home construction. You must include them in the original plan, meaning you must know the type of gutters you want from the onset. Initially, most people thought of them as unpleasant extensions and did not install them. Some homeowners removed them to increase the aesthetic appeal of their properties. However, gutters have proven to be a critical fixture that keeps excess water from damaging the house. It is essential to invest in eavestrough cleaning when required. But for now, let’s find out the benefits of gauge aluminum gutters.

Why Gutters are Essential

The best way to reduce chances of wear and tear on the home is by having a quality gutter system that performs exceptionally. Several home features like the basement, siding, and sidewalks can benefit significantly from functional gutters – they do not flood, stain, or become icy in winter. The soil around the house also remains intact – it does not erode. That is why gutters are more crucial when snow melt-offs and rainfall are a common feature in your location.

Given the numerous gutter options available, choosing the right one for your home may be challenging. Most property owners tend to consider cost and simplicity when selecting one, which is why the .027-gauge gutters are favoured. The gutters function perfectly in areas that receive moderate rain and other mild weather conditions. However, in places that experience stronger winds, more rainfall, and heavy snow, the .032 gutters are ideal.

Gauge refers to the thickness of the aluminum used to make the gutter. The industry standard for heavy gauge aluminum gutters is .027. It has a medium weight and is better than the .025 gauge available in supply stores. .032 gauge is sturdier, but it is not suitable for every house. Even so, you can always upgrade if the standard gauge aluminum gutters do not perform according to your expectations, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions.

The heavy gauge aluminum gutters bring the following benefits, especially under harsh weather conditions:

Lifespan Extension and Impressive Durability

Even though tempering influences metal strength, thicker aluminum remains stronger. That can be proven by the way standard gutters sag after heavy snow. The .032 aluminum gutters provide enhanced protection from the weather elements. That means they can last longer in good shape and will not require frequent repairs, especially after heavy downpours or storms. They only require proper installation. With that, their lifespan can exceed many roofs, particularly those with an average of 20 years.

Some of the advantages of aluminum include sturdiness, which means minimal maintenance needs, portability due to its lightweight nature, and corrosion resistance. All these benefits become more pronounced in a heavier gauge gutter.

Heavy-gauge Aluminum Increases the Property’s Visual Appeal for a Longer Time

The quality of the paint coating determines the duration your gutters will look good. Some types of paint crack quickly when exposed to external elements. Nevertheless, heavy-gauge aluminum gutters have proven to be superior, with the ability to maintain a cleaner look for longer. Thinner aluminum gutters tend to show signs of wearing down quickly, forcing homeowners to repair them more frequently. The issue is worse in areas that receive heavy snow and rain; the gutters are more likely to give in to the weight imposed by wet leaves and other debris. Failure to clean them regularly leads to sagging.

Even if you get the heavy gauge aluminum gutters, cleaning them is a good maintenance routine that can prolong their lifespan further. That may solve one problem, but it is also a disadvantage when dealing with thin aluminum gutters. They are more susceptible to bending, especially if you have a long stretch of the gutter system on your house.

Another problem with lighter gauge gutters is the possibility of injury. Ladders are mandatory during gutter cleaning. You position them against the house to reach the top level. The combination of human weight and the ladder can dent the gutters, mainly thinner ones. Hiring a professional to do the job reduces such risks, but the chances of the .027-gauge aluminum gutters getting damaged remains. The .032 option is more stable and less likely to dent.

Generally, investing in a .032-gauge aluminum gutter is usually worth it. The thicker aluminum can handle harsh conditions like hailstorms. That means it remains in good condition even with constant exposure to such elements. The sides will remain intact, and the system will not sag. It continues to provide the desired protection to the house for longer without forcing you to spend a lot of money on improvements.


Aluminum gutters are more popular than steel gutters in many locations. Accessing them is more straightforward, and it costs less to install and maintain them throughout their lifespan. In some areas, the price range for aluminum gutters is approximately $6 to $12. The estimated cost of steel gutters is between $11 and $33.

If you find yourself thinking about buying steel gutters instead of aluminum gutters despite their price difference, you are not alone. Many property owners believe steel is better, but that is a misconception. Heavy-gauge aluminum gutters come in better quality and will give you an exceptional experience.

Properties of the aluminum material play a notable role in the gutters’ effectiveness. Its ability to resist rust, lightweight nature, and the lower cost makes it the better option in most situations. The heavy gauge aluminum gutters take those attributes to a higher level. They are far superior to other gutter materials and can handle most needs in a home. All the qualities serve as reasons why you should get the heavy gauge aluminum gutters instead of any other option.

Final Thoughts on Gauge Aluminum Gutters

Remember, your local building codes may not include the use of gutters on homes, but that does not mean the fixtures are non-essential. Most regulations require that you have a drainage system around your house. Instead of digging trenches around, consider getting a reliable gutter system that can function optimally. It will be easier to handle and more effective in preventing pooling and runoffs.

New designs of heavy gauge aluminum gutters have the capacity to redirect water away from your house regardless of the volume. That means your property will remain dry, and you do not have to compromise the aesthetic appeal – the gutters improve the visual aspect of the house exterior. Whether you are building a brand-new house, replacing your roof, or planning to change your old gutter system, the heavy gauge aluminum gutters are worth considering. You can do your due diligence by researching suitable options according to your budget and the intensity of weather conditions in your area. Determine what is likely to work best to protect you from incurring losses due to natural elements that you cannot control.

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